English Springer Spaniels

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Calvdale Fair Cop with Fallenleaf JW ShCM


28/5/05 - 11/9/2012

A beautiful girl with a lovel of life ....taken far too soon.



Sadly afer a realy promising show career my beautiful Lily diagnosed the beginning of May 2009 as having Masticatory Myositis. This is a condition where her own immune system destroyed the muscles in her head – at one stage she looked like a skull draped with skin - it was pitiful to see. The only treatment is to suppress the immune system with huge doses of steroids then gradually wean her off them - it works similar to Chemotherapy so you can imagine the state she was in and what she has been through.

I spoke to someone who had a Long haired Vizla who had contracted the illness and had recovered 4 years ago and was still going strong at 9 years old – so I was a bit more hopeful as it seemed a bit like a doomed situation when we first embarked on her treatment. I am eternally grateful for those who have given their support and advice through this very upsetting time.  


Although she has been so very poorly as a result of the medication she is continuing to progress with the drugs and is ravenous and drinking gallons so needing the loo throughout the night on several occasions. A nasty side effect of the high doses of Prednisolone is that it can cause stomach bleeds and ulcers so I had to give her 2 lots of stomach lining tablets (antepsin – just in case anyone else comes across this) with at least 1 hour between, before she could have her prednisolone. Consequently I had to get up at 4am to give her the first tablet, then 5am for the 2nd so she could have her breakfast and prednisolone at 6am – and the same at the end of the day leaving at least 12 hours between each dose of Pred. I confess to sleeping on the sofa for those weeks but if this is what it takes to get her something like again then I’ll persevere.


Friday 13th August 2010

Just a quick update on Lily – today she has her last Prednisolone – we have been gradually weaning her down to one tablet every other day – which seems like a lifetime ago since she was having to take 12 per day!!  I will now have to wait 2 weeks and we’ll take her to the vet to see what he thinks. Only time will tell now if we have this thing beaten or at least under control - but looking at her head she does looks as though there is some muscle tone back - so fingers crossed.

I am noticing little things too – she can actually yawn now and bark!! The fact that her muscles were destroyed in her face meant that simple things like yawning were practically impossible – so it’s all progress – slow but def a step in the right direction. She is actually starting to play with the pup now which is the first time since she was diagnosed in May and is so much happier in herself and starting to enjoy her walks  again – she was out chasing squirrels yesterday. The squirrels weren’t that happy but it was a pleasure to see her back to something like the old Lily was.

Winner of 4 Green Stars, 3 Reserve Green Stars, Best in Shows and Best and Reserve Best Puppy in Shows.  Qualified for Crufts after achieving her Junior Warrant and also for the Junior Warrant Semi Finals.


Even after all she has been through she still has the sweetest nature and loves every single day and is a pleasure to spend time with and is a constant play mate for Holly who loves her to pieces ...and who wouldn't!!

RIP paw print