English Springer Spaniels

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8 CC's including 3 Best of Breeds & 6 RCC's





well what can I say .........this little live wire has continued to amaze us with her continued success in the show ring.  She is a pleasure be with both in and out of the ring - there is never a dull moment when Holly is about!


During her 6 months being shown as a puppy she had gained  8 Open Show Best Puppy in Shows, three Best Puppy at Ch Shows, 1 Reserve Green Star, Heat Winner for Pro Plan Puppy Stakes, a Best in Show and a Reserve Best in Show and all before her 1st birthday.  Since she turned 1 she has achieved the following amazing credits ................


























March 2011           RCC at Crufts  2011 at 14 months old under judge Anne Corbett

June 2011              CC at Southern Counties - Roly Cross  at 18 months

Aug 2011               RCC at SKC - Trudy Short Aug 2011

Oct 2011               CC at GSOW - Jock McKay at 21 months

Jan 2012               CC (and the magical 3rd) and  BEST OF BREED at Manchester Ch Show at 25 months old - Yvonne Billows

                              ........and shortlisted in the group!

Feb 2012              RCC at Southern ESS Ch Show - Stephanie Rickards (Wongan/Australia)

June 2012             CC at Southern Counties Ch Show -  Hans T Lehtinen (Finland)

June 2012             Res Best Bitch at Three Counties (no CC's on offer) - Martin Sanders

Aug 2012              CC & RBOB at Bournemouth Ch Show - Wendy Cross

Oct 2012              Res Best Bitch at Midland Counties Ch Sh (no CC's on offer) Janet Richards

Nov 2012              CC & BEST OF BREED  at Midland ESS CH Show - Frank Kane

Nov 2012              RCC  at Gundog Breeds at Scotland - Lee Cox (Vantonia)

June 2013             RCC at Border Union - Graham Osbourne

Aug 2013               CC & BOB at SKC  - Jan Wood (Ardencote)

Sept 2014              Res Best Bitch at Driffield Ch Sh (no CC's on offer) - Neil Woods

July 2015              RCC at East of England - Ernie Lockett (Fayem)

Aug 2015               CC at National Gundog - Joanna Jaggers (Jaraina)




Jan 2011             BIS at Lancs & Cheshire ESS Open Show - Derek Smith (12 months)

Mar 2011             Reserve Best Bitch in Show at Midland ESS Open Show  -  Sue Long (Tryhard)

June 2011            Reserve Best Bitch in Show at South Western ESS Open Show - Cam Cavello (Sandicam/Australia)

Sept 2011            BIS at Northern ESS Open Show - David Craig (21 months old)

Oct 2011              BIS at Scottish ESS Club Open Show - Celia Woodbridge (Crackerjanne)

Nov 2011              BIS at ESS Club Open Show - Karl Payne (Cepen)

Jan 2012              Reserve Best Bitch in Show  at Lancs & Cheshire ESS Club Open Show - Clive Davies (Sundelea)

Oct 2012              BIS at Northern ESS Open Show - Catriona Brough (Thankerton)

Jan 2013              BIS at Lancs & Cheshire ESS Open Show - Anthony Allen (Allenie)

Jan 2015              RBIS at Lancs & Cheshre ESS Open Show - Jackie Maris-Bray




Feb 2012            RUNNER UP ESS Bitch 2011 - awarded at the 2012 Southern ESS Ch Show

June 2012           Res BEST IN SHOW at Northern Spaniel Open Show - Judge Wilma Reid (Shanz)

Nov 2012            BEST IN SHOW at Merseyside Gundog Open Show - Lesley Tain (Tainmere's)




Numerous Green Stars and Best Of Breeds and Group Placings in Ireland which is judged on the FCI Judging system.  She has attained the required number of Green Stars to make her into an Irish CHampion and 2 CACIB's





Holly has had some lovely critiques and we are immensley grateful for the fabulous feedback from our judges - our biggest thanks go to Nicola Calvert who has entrusted this little gem to our safe keeping for which we will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to share our lives with a 'once in a lifetime' girl


For full results and critques visit either the Southern ESS Web Site  or my show results pages

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Glaucoma - clear/ unaffected (2011)


CPRA/GPRA/MRA - unaffected (2014)

Sh Ch/Ir Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM


19th Dec 2009

Championship Certificates (CC) & Reserve Championship Certificates (RCC)

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Green Stars and Irish Group Placings.

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